Visapur fort trek – the trek to do in & around Mumbai (if you love waterfalls & rain)

The Visapur fort trek ranges from easy to moderate depending on your level of fitness. It’s at an elevation of 1084 m above sea level and has a higher altitude from its twin fort in the plateau, the Lohagad Fort.

The twin forts are enriched by history. It was built by the first Peshwa of Maharashtra, Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath. Although he protected the forts valiantly they eventually fell to the siege of the British East India company.

Apart from the rich history that it is emerged in, there are many temples located here, which are dedicated to Lord Hanuman believed to be the patron deity of the region. We even get to see a shrine dedicated to Mahadev!!

The thing Vistapur fort is most famous for is the waterfall, especially during the Monsoon. The waterfall cascades down on stairs like stones which will look so good on your Instagram.

Who hasn’t thought of going to Lonavala during the monsoon season? We all have right? Additionally, the beautiful sights like the caves where Buddhist monks meditated, the Mahadev shrine, and the Hanuman temple add so much more depth to our trip. It’s a one-day trek and fun to do with a big group.

I had last visited this place with a big group of trekkers from a travel agency, they provided us with breakfast and refreshments in the base village and we stopped at one of the many shelters during the trek for Lunch. I had so much fun that I didn’t even realize that 2–3 hours had lapsed when we finally reached the peak. And the view was so enthralling and aesthetic that the whole trudging up the hill was worth it.

I hope you can get to experience the calm and tranquility of this place and envelope yourself in the sacred aura of devotees worshiping and go back with fond memories and new friendships, leaving your heart behind like I did wanting to visit again.

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