Sula Vineyard trip- A trip to remember

Last year, I went to the Sula, to take a trip to their Vineyard. The vineyard is the heart of Sula and a must-visit place when in Sula. It is India’s largest producer of wines. It is located amidst the rolling hills of Nashik. Whether you are a wine lover or a travel junkie a day trip to this place is a must-visit. During the hot day, you can take cover in the Pandavleni caves, which have lots of ancient history that you can learn if you are captivated by story-telling. It’s something wine drinkers and non-wine drinkers can enjoy alike. The USP of the caves is the view that it offers you can see the entirety of Nashik from the vantage point. You will be lucky if it rains when you are in the cave. It will give you such a romantic view of Nashik and sweet sensations that are ephemeral experiences that you are going to want to share with your loved ones.

I went there with a tour group and they provided us with a sommelier, who is guaranteed to quench your thirst for knowledge, of the wine-making process, and more. Watch it all happen in front of your eyes and you can even opt-in for wine tasting for just Rs 200/- Rs. You can indulge in sipping some wine overlooking the alluring panoramic view of the pristine Gangapur lake. You can have a relaxed and copious lunch in one of the restaurants and stay at ‘Source at Sula’, India’s first heritage winery resort.

It’s an ideal destination for youngsters but it’s fit for all ages. You can kick back and truly relax in this gorgeous place with your family and work colleagues. Its picturesque view will be sure to make others want to join in with you and leave your competitors in envy.

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