Andharban Forest Trek – review and experience

If you are looking for a unique trekking experience near Lonavala, Andharban Forest Trek is the place to be. If you use your own transportation to the base village, you will be able to capitalize on this great one-day trek experience on your own time. It’s unlike any other trek you have been to.

The dazzling view of majestic waterfalls against an azure and lush green backdrop is so enchanting and riveting that you will love the time you spent over there. Your camera roll will be a source of envy for anyone who witnesses its beauty and simplistic, natural charm.

Trekking through a forest may seem daunting at first that’s why I chose to go with a group of trekkers. Expert guides were provided by the touring company as well. It did placate my anxiety having a big group of experienced trekkers and local guides as well. And to my surprise, it was a descending trek and went as smooth as sailing. It was like a cruise through the jungle.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the natural sounds of the forest, of the insects and spotted some exotic birds as well like the Malabar Parakeet! The adrenalin rush I felt traversing through the alive forest was ecstatic. After staying couped up in my house for such a long period, it was a much-needed break to feel like myself again.

I feel that you will have the same great experience that I had if you travel with a group of experienced trekkers.

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