Binsar travel guide

The Trisul Mountain of Binsar

Binsar is a hill station tucked in between the towering peaks of the great Himalayas with echoes of vibrance and excellency. God did smile while blessing this land with the best of everything in nature. It resonates with the soulful meaning and message of abundance and is a boon for any traveler irrespective of whether he is on a personal quest to find himself or is there with his family for emotional bonding. Here you can experience tranquillity and find within yourself harmony. Discover the great joys of surrounding yourself with this scenic beauty and the consequent healing that follows by being present in between such natural energies.
Subsequently, look at your children radiate with blissful expressions on their face when they recount the epic events of spotting a deer go nearby in a bush, a white silver fox passing by, and looking at a Himalayan Bear from afar in the deodar valley to his friends, family, and grandparents. The cost of the ticket to enter the Binsar wildlife sanctuary is 40 rupees with an extra charge of 50 for parking your vehicle.

Why visit Binsar, the land of the gods (and also known as a bird watcher’s paradise)? For people looking other than solitude and being at nature’s lap with harmony Binsar has many things to offer.
The Binsar Forest Retreat is the place to go for any company team bonding exercise since besides being a destination for spiritual enlightenment seekers that it has been for centuries, pulling countless sages from the west and the east it, offers Adventure sports for the enthusiast, wildlife sanctuary for photography and see the mingling of rich and diverse cultures that take shelter at its oak trees forest and a museum to see and explore.
Upon going a little further, we arrive at a location called the zero point for viewing the Himalayan mountains. This vantage point is located in the Binsar bird sanctuary where one can savor the view of sacred mountains Kedarnath, Shivling, Trisul, and the group of Nanda Devi peaks.
You can wash away your problems and worries in the river Kosi. Let the dense thick foliage of greenery empower you to follow your dreams and passion zealously, let your emotions flow through you like the smell of the orchards you shall see. Let this scenic beauty serve as a reminder to just simply be yourself. Come along to experience the majestic splendor of this place or take it as an opportunity and gift your family, this iconic trip in which you can share the most beautiful and bountiful views of the world.
What’s more, is that you can watch the pious people of the region engaging in social customs and ancient traditions of the great and famous Nanda Devi Festival. It is world-renowned and usually happens on the premises of Nanda Devi Temple. The Nanda Devi Mela is a fair dedicated to the worship of the local deity and Goddess Nanda Devi. She is believed to be the family goddess of the Chand Dynasty which ruled the region from 11 A.D to 18 A.D.
Historical Significance
It was the summer capital of the Chand Kings, who ruled over the Kumaon region of present-day Uttarakhand from 11th to 18th Centuries A.D. Binsar wildlife sanctuary was established in 1988 for the conservation and protection of the shrinking broad leaf oak forests of the Central Himalayan region, and it has over 200 bird species.
You can get to stay at the following iconic places other than local family-run homestay and restaurants (these are some of the tourist attractions):
Grand Oak Manor: It is the former home of Sir Henry Ramsay, who used it as his summer home and administrative center as the commissioner of Kumaon. It has now become a heritage property.
Khali Estate: This was also one of the estates owned and built by Sir Henery Ramsay who was the commissioner of the Kumaon region. He was often called the king of Kumaon by his British counterparts. Vijay Laxmi Pandit, the sister of Jawahar Lal Nehru, also lived there. Other prominent people who have been guests/owners of this estate include Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi.
Mary Budden Estate: It is located at 8,000 feet and is a restored colonial home and a temple to Shiva.
Binsar welcomes you to the kingdom of peace. Listen to the birds chirping and the wind chiming (as if alive). Watch the Birds Dance and flutter around on the ground. Experience the beauty of Uttarakhand!!

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