Fitness is what which makes us yepp!! Fitness plays a very important role for our well
being. An old English proverb says it all ” “HEALTH IS WEALTH ” and this proverb is 100
percent true. How you feel when u are sìck??? Irritated, low, weak right and how you feel
when you are fit and fine? Motivated, confident happy right this is what helps you to get
attracted towards fitness..
Blogilates creator Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor with more than 10
years of experience in motivating people to move. Her infectiously inspiring approach to
fitness makes this blog a place of encouragement and motivation.
You’ll find workout videos, fitness challenges, nutrition guides, a calendar for consistency,
and interesting posts designed to bust fitness myths and help you change bad habits, plus
much more.
But is this enough will you be to keep yourself fit?? Well the answer is 50 /50
people with good will power would love it but on the other hand people with low will power
and definitely have 100 of reason to cheat with their workout schedule.
That’s it?? Is this how we are going to maintain our fitness..
Mmm well no ,as we saw Mr.blogilates creator Casey ho is 100 percent dedicated
to fitness I’m sure this will not motivate you 100 percent but to some extent surely so if you
want to do friendship with fitness and your health you have to struggle in the beginning ,
though you feel it’s painful but today’s pain and hard work gifts you a healthy life

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